Теннисный клуб «Хасанская 19»,вид сверху

Tennis club “Khasansky”

Opened daily from 7 a.m. till 12 p.m.

tel. +7 (921) 991-00-19, e-mail: x19spb@mail.ru

Largest tennis club in Saint-Petersburg, there’re 17 courts of clay, hard and grass varieties.
Saint Petersburg, Khasanskaya st., 19

Стоимость аренды теннисных кортов на 2ой зимний сезон
с 1.02.24 по 31.05.24
(за час в руб.)

(корты 4-9)
(корты 10-13)

Стоимость аренды теннисных кортов на летний сезон см. здесь

Court reservation service see here

Gray color indicates busy time, white - free.

Our tennis club was opened in 2010 and is the major tennis club in Saint Petersburg for today. 17 courts are situated at the area of 2,3 hectares.

6 open clay courts, open grass court and 10 indoor courts (7 clay, 3 hard) are open in summer season. Such an amount of indoor courts allows to continue trainings in case of rainy weather.

13 courts operate in winter season – 10 clay courts, 3 hard court.

Such a variety of court coverings gives tennis fans the opportunity to choose a court to taste. Athletes are given the opportunity to prepare for any international and Russian competitions on the appropriate surface.

Our tennis club boasts double tents of Italian production; thorough preparation of foundation of all our courts provides a good bounce of the balls. All tennis courts are comfortably lighted, with direct and reflected light used.

There’re changing rooms with sauna and a separate locker room for small children with parents. A spacious hall rooms a tennis shop, a café with free wi-fi and Xbox and children’s play area, as well as tables for playing chess and backgammon.

The territory of the tennis club also boasts sports ground, tennis practice wall, walking/running track, lake.

At the center of the premises is the central tennis court; it hosts the most interesting matches that can be watched both from the stands and from the café. A convenient parking space for 60 cars is situated beside the building.

A great attention is paid to children’s tennis school – it has more than 30 groups for children of any age, starting from 5. Individual programs are available for young sportsmen. School apprentices take part in competitions of municipal, regional and international levels, up to presenting Russian teams at world championships.

Adult tennis lovers are also provided with all necessary conditions for learning and training. Group and individual training is possible.

Weekly amateur tournaments are held at weekends. Our club also hosts a lot of landmark competitions – Saint-Petersburg open tennis championship, Saint-Petersburg-Moscow match meetings, Saint-Petersburg open tennis championship among veterans.

The courts are equipped with video cameras that allow to broadcast live major matches, to make reports with commentaries and show interviews with participants. The results of past matches with photo and video accounts may be seen at our site in “Tournaments” section.

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